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Let’s do our part to break the circuit! Who says you can’t have fun or bond with your team while being at home? PulseActiv is the market leader in the team building industry and we have combined our strong experience in organising team-building with technology to create a unique experience for remote teams! Through #PulseXSGUnited, we would like to share our expertise in creating a fun time for all while staying home. Let’s stay connected & have fun as we overcome this period together!

With Love,
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Our Activities

Select from our range of unique activities below or Customise Your Own. These main activities are paired with a huge selection of energizers and ice breakers! 

Virtual Team Building Activities

Looking to create a unique virtual experience for students? Click over here!

How Can Virtual Team Bonding Help?

During this period of uncertainties, as we learn to cope with a new reality of working from home, some of us may be experiencing the WFH Blues

Introducing our Virtual Team Bonding activities, for you and your team to stay connected and engaged without stepping out of the house! Through this, we hope to chase some of the blues away as we perk you up by having fun while staying home!

Why PulseActiv?

All activities will be coordinated by our team, just remember to check an email from us a day before your session!

#PulseXSGUnited Promo Packages

Virtual Team Building


The prices above are our suggested flat price. However, since 30th April 2020, we have adopted a “Pay What You Can” initiative! If $10 is all that you can spare, we appreciate the thought. We just want to play our part at what we do best – creating fun experiences for you & your team!

Customise Your Own

From Virtual Employee Engagement Programs to Global Townhalls to Scholar Camps and even Freshmen Orientations, we have the experience and expertise to take your event online! If you are looking to create a unique experience for your students, head over here to find out more. To customise your own, simply contact our team now!

For those who wish to save for an even more exciting team building after the Circuit Breaker period, click here where we share some easy and free activities!

What Clients Say

Thank you for organizing. We had alot of fun. It was well organized and we could feel the emcee’s energy virtually which i never expected.

I thought it was going to be boring since it was online, but it was engaging and fun! I did not expect there would be small ice breakers game and we could actually talk in the call, where there were so many people! I was shocked and am very impressed especially with facilitators and emcee who ensured everything went well!! I hope events such as this would be online in future as it really save time travelling to and fro and is really convenient and a probable substitute for face to face orientation or workshop in the near future!

I think the scavenger hunt was an unique experience. I never thought we could integrate the physical and the virtual worlds in such an ingenious way. I think more activities in this direction will be great!

This event was a great experience to lift up our mood during the stay at home period. The virtual scavenger hunt was the most enjoyable game.

We have a very good time last week with Jeslin and Jeremy’s help. Especially Jeremy, some of my team members think he’s an excellent host. I know it’s complicated and challenging to put 20 people together in a virtual platform. Thank you for your effort to make it possible. Really appreciate it.

Thank you for co-ordinating and facilitating our first virtual teambuilding event for our division. The team enjoyed it and it was a wonderful break for all of us to get together and be away from work for a while.


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