The One World Pipeline

The One World Pipeline


Programme Highlights

  • Importance Of Problem Solving
  • Overcoming Challenges Through Creativity And Working With Other
  • Multi-Tier Approach Where Teams First Compete Against Each Other And Eventually Come Together As One
  • Choose Your Intensity: Low, Medium

Programme Specifications

  • Indoors
  • Group Size: 20 – 500
  • Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 Hours
  • Location: Anywhere (With Ample Space)
  • Pricing Starts From: $45/pax
  • Core Values Targeted: Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, Collective Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Time Management, Innovation

Programme Overview

In modern society today, no man is an island and even the most independent people need to rely on others occasionally for help. So, join us in the One World Pipeline activity and put your collaboration and negotiation skills to the test. In this activity, participants will first be split into different teams and each team will be randomly assigned a country to represent. They will then be given a set of materials each, based on what is available in the country they represent. With this, they must work together and decide how they want to build their pipeline model. Not enough materials? Then get creative or beg, borrow, and steal from other teams! In the second part, the different countries must then come together and work across international boundaries to combine all the pipelines together into one continuous model. Will diversity and differences make or break your project?

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