The Chain Reaction

The Chain Reaction


Programme Highlights

  • Fun & Engaging Activity
  • Concept Of Progressive Teamwork – To Create A Giant Chain Reaction
  • Friendly Competition Format (Best Design, Smoothest Team Chain Reaction)
  • Game Intensity: Low

Programme Specifications

  • Indoors
  • Group Size: 20 – 1000
  • Duration: 1.5 – 3 Hours
  • Location: Anywhere (With Ample Space)
  • Pricing Starts From: $45/pax
  • Core Values Targeted: Teamwork, Team Chemistry, Collaboration, Creativity, Innovation, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking


Programme Overview

There’s a popular saying: united we stand, divided we fall. But in this activity, we are going to challenge that statement. Here, we want to see your ability to rise and fall as one team and one company, leaving no one behind! Put your creativity and teamwork to the test in our Chain Reaction activity and work together ultimately to build one chain reaction flow just like the Rube Goldberg machine. Participants will be assigned a theme for the day and, using various odd items such as books, dominos, CD cases and even unique items such as measuring tapes and toy cars, they will have to work in smaller groups first to build their chain reaction model. After all teams are done, the mini chains must then be connected to form one giant chain reaction that will be put to the test. So, here’s a rare opportunity we’re giving you to just go with the flow!

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