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LOGO122th Oct 2015

VMware Amazing Race – The Conquest

Coverage By: PulseActiv Media & Public Relations Team

It was a Thursday; but not your average Thursday.

150 eager participants from VMware gathered at Sentosa for The Conquest. Conceptualised to have employees bond over simulated “tough conditions”, The Conquest was designed to focus largely on team building objectives “communication”, the epitome of teamwork. 

Spilt into their teams of 7, each represented by a team colour, players were briefed the race details. The ultimate objective for the day was to  unlock the grand treasure chest. To do so, participants would be put through a series of daunting challenges to obtain clues, and resources to obtain the key required to open the chest. The odds are most certainly not in their favour… so only the best shall survive!

With no time to waste, participants dropped their belongings off at the bag collection point, grabbed their activity packs and.. let the race begin!

Games featured at the various stations included popular choices such as Battle Zone, Dig Deeper, The Race Against Time, Wheeler’s Chest and many more. Getting down and dirty individually was certainly not enough, as our game masters stressed the importance that no one was to be left behind! In Battle Zone, for instance, every member counts in the dodgeball concept based activity. You are only as strong as your weakest link!

Nearer to sunset, competition at each station intensified as teams gave it their all, in hopes of walking away as the grand winner of The Conquest. Eventually, the top 3 teams emerged and were awarded with attractive medal and prizes. 

While the winners went onstage to receive their awards, it was certainly heartening to see the other employees enthusiastically cheering their company mates on. Truly, everyone was a winner that day.

Thankfully for the haze, wet weather and extreme conditions, emergency response plans and onsite safety & medical coverage put in place, the race was able to run smoothly throughout! Credits to our awesome photography team for the official event pictures as well!

“Thank you so much Kristel and team! It was a really nice event and our participants enjoyed much. We look forward to working with you again for next year teambuilding event!”

Doris Swee , Head of Human Resource, VMWare (S) Pte Ltd

Event Pictures

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