Schindler Amazing Race cum Family Carnival – 500 Pax

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21 Nov 2015

Schindler Amazing Race cum Family Day 500 Pax

Coverage By: PulseActiv Media & Public Relations Team

21st Nov – Amazing Race (Chop Chop Mania!) had 200 employees from Schindler scrambling around, trying their very best to outthink, outwit and outrun their opponents! In conjunction, another 300 employees (with their families) took part in the Family Day Carnival that was run simultaneously by the PulseActiv Team.

The combined event was held at West Coast Park (Grand Lawn), with a full-blown carnival setup including staging, personalised backdrop, tentage and an audio system.

In the Amazing Race, teams were challenged to obtain the 9 all chops within the shortest time period possible, and the first to do so would be crowned champion! Easier said than done, games (and the game masters) at the various checkpoints certainly didn’t go easy at all on the participants. With games like Battle Zone, Tangle Mania, Book Memories, Fire In The Bucket –participants were challenged to demonstrate a spectrum of skills to overcome each unique obstacle from striking down your opponent’s target boards, untangle yourself in a specified manner or memorizing “near-impossible” sequences. With a little twist involved, participants also had “a taste of work” in the games, having to put on the safety gear they normally use for work…. blindfolded… as a team!

In other news, the Family Day featured “Scavenger Hunt” as the main challenge, while fringe activities such as the kids’ colouring contests, temporary airbrush tattoos, balloon artist, face painting, carnival game booths, kids’ inflatables and stage games (Minute-to-Win-It!, Fruit Sumo) comprised the day. Of course, what’s a family day without the food booths! From the pop-corn, candy floss stands, ice cream cart, hot dog booth, to the exotic “dragon beard” candy stall – both adults and children alike got their fair share of mouth-watering goodies!

With the intensive programme flow came detailed contingency planning as well, by the PulseActiv team. From full contingency plans for haze and wet weather to onsite safety & medical coverage – the necessary measures were amply accounted so that participants can focus fully on excelling in their games, and absolutely nothing else! As our team likes to put it… that way – no excuse for participants not to give their best efforts.. hahaha!

First of all, I thank you for making my Safety week and it’s launching event a success. I really appreciate all the handwork put in by your team. Great job on organizing all the events, the event coordinators did everything with great dedication. I would look forward to work with you guys in future. Thank you SportsSanity!

Thanabalan Krishnan | Safety Manager

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