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MOE LOGO10th May 2016

MOE Services Wing Annual Planning Day 2016 – 850 Pax

Coverage By: PulseActiv Media & Public Relations Team

850 Participants. 85 Tables. 1 Objective.

19th May 2016 – Over 800 participants from a dozen departments were assigned at random to their respective tables. The objective for the day was simple – to foster teamwork within the group through a series of experimental team building activities. As part of the desired objectives, the games were deliberately designed to require participants to work not just within their own table, but also with other tables and across the entire row, in order to successful achieve their given objective. Just as in any company, it is not enough to just work within your team – you need to work across the departments!

With participants raring to go, our emcee took it off with a grand opening consisting of ice-breaking stage games and a Guest-Of-Honour speech to kick off the day event. Shortly after, participants were recharged with a bout of mouth-watering late morning snacks.

Following in the first activity, teams were challenged to construct a pipeline that has to adhere to the criterions strictly moderated by our game masters and event facilitators. In the limited time frame, coupled with the purposefully limited resources made available to the teams, everyone soon came to the realization that their biggest asset, in order to win the game, was their creativity and ability to work as a team. Speaking of creativity, the barter trading scene was as hilarious as it could have got!

Well, from our experience with such events, the saying –the lesser resources you have, the more resourcefully you become couldn’t be anymore true!

Intense morning it was, but the real fun has yet to begin!

Right after the sumptuous buffet lunch, participants proceeded to partake in the main highlight of the day – the Race Track event. The 85 groups were consolidated into 8 larger groups – S,E,R,V,I,C,E,S – each representing a letter of the SERVICES wing. The ultimate challenge was for each team to construct a D.I.Y. Race Track that can successfully launch a race car to the stage. When all 8 cars  come together to the stage, the magic happens and the final team objective for the day would be accomplished.

With a little more twist to the challenge, participants were encouraged to make use the pipelines they have made earlier in the day to form their tracks. After all, time was limited, and there was hardly any for making a track from scratch!

Pretty much, the mission took a whole lot of re-strategizing and re-engineering, but the eventual end result was a magical moment indeed, to see all 850 participants eventually condensing into one MOE family.

“Special thanks to you and your team for the great partnership on SWAPD! Thank you for the extra time and effort in making the event possible. We really appreciated your support, as well as your team’s earnest dedication. We look forward to possible future partnership with you.”  SWAPD Team 2016, Ministry of Education

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