The Running Man

The Running Man


Programme Highlights

  • Head-To-Head & Elimination Challenges
  • Intriguing Missions & Super Powers
  • Funny, Weird, “Ridiculous” Games
  • Choose Your Intensity (Low, Medium, High)

Programme Specifications

  • Outdoors
  • Group Size: 15 – 150
  • Duration: 2 – 3.5 Hours
  • Location: Sentosa, Parks, Other Suitable Venues
  • Pricing Starts From: $50
  • Core Values Targeted: Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, Role Alignment, Conflict Resolution, Creativity


Programme Overview

Are you a fan of the popular Korean variety gameshow Running Man? Perfect, now it’s your turn to compete… with your co-workers! It’s high time to put your team through a series of funny, weird, “ridiculous” missions that will truly test their chemistry to the limits. In Running Man, teams will have plenty of opportunities to go head on against each other, battling it out every inch of the way; this will truly inculcate the spirit of teamwork, as no man is an island! Mission to mission, teams will also have chances to attain special superpowers which will be of tremendous help in the final mission (hint hint)! I mean, it’s easier if you can fly right?! Of course, we ain’t going make it so straightforward – from time to time (or maybe more than that), there will impromptu challenges waiting to take you back, any moment you let your guard down. Want to win, keep your team tight and leave no man behind! 

Running Man Games

We have over 30 exciting games for you to choose from to tailor your very own Running Man experience. Here are some –

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