Photoword Hunt

Photoword Hunt



Programme Highlights

  • A Cross Between The Popular Mobile Game Pokemon GO And Scrabble
  • Navigate Your Team Around Town With Only A Map Of Photos
  • Intriguing Clues
  • Explore Singapore From A Different Angle
  • Choose Your Intensity: Low, Medium

Programme Specifications

  • Outdoors
  • Group Size: 30 – 2000
  • Duration: 2.5 – 4.5 Hours
  • Location: Sentosa, Bugis, Chinatown, City Hall
  • Pricing Starts From: $40/pax
  • Core Values Targeted: Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, Collective Decision Making, Time Management

Programme Overview

You’ve played Pokémon GO, and you have no problems following a digital map to find locations. Now our question is, can you read a photo map if we gave you one? Join us for a simple and fun day of exploration in our Photoword Hunt team bonding activity. Each team will be given a map made up of only images representing all the points where we have hidden letter eggs. Teams must find as many of these points as possible within the given time and retrieve the letter eggs. At the end of the day, teams will use the letters they have found to form as many words as possible on their scrabble board to win. To go left or right, forward or backward, or maybe even sideways, we’ll leave it up to your team to debate it out. But always be on high alert and look closely at your surroundings or you and your team might just walk right past one of the hunt points! This is your chance to explore the city like you have never before, and we promise you’ll see it in a different light now.

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