The End Of CB - 6 Positive Takeaways From The Entire CB Experience

WE MADE IT! After just under 2 months of getting used to being a homebody and making lifestyle changes, as a country, we have finally made it out of the circuit breaker, hopefully never to go back into it again.

Note – Before you start arranging to meet up with your friends or run out to go to cafe hopping, you are still not allowed to do so. Remember, for Singapore to overcome, we need everyone’s commitment, help and support.

Well, enough of that. Now that we’ve officially completed the Circuit Breaker and are into Phase 1, we thought we would spend some time sharing some of the positives we took away from the entire experience which we believe applies to the entire industry as well.

Disclaimer, the events & team-building industry in Singapore has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic with 100% of physical events from corporate retreats, team bonding/ team building to family days canceled since mid-Feb and for the foreseeable future but as we’ve seen some companies already cover the adverse impact, we wanted to share some of the wonderful things that would not have occurred without this pandemic because we prefer to stay positive in this stark environment.



The Discovery Of Virtual/ Remote Team Building
If anyone told us that we would be spending majority of our resources conducting team building programs online, we would have said that guy was crazy but 5 months since the pandemic started, this has become the new normal and has unearthed so much potential and allowed the entire industry to fight on for survival.



Resilience Across The Industry
Through these challenging times despite everyone’s livelihoods being affected, we’ve been heartened to see not only our team but everyone across the industry not only staying strong but propping each other up and finding ways & means to survive. Many expected a lot of event companies to shutter, ultimately some have shuttered but collectively, many have continued to fight on and weather the storm.



Adaptability & Embracing Change
Change is never easy but is a must if you want to stay ahead in this ever-changing world. Throughout the last 3 months, we’ve seen so many businesses pivot to find a way to keep employees and overheads to weather the storm. Similarly, many freelancers within our industry, (SHOUTOUT TO THEM)  have also took on temporary jobs to support their families patiently waiting for the day they can return to normalcy with not a complain in the world.



The Importance Of Client Relationships & That It’s Ok To Ask For Help
As an organization, we’ve always believed that apart from employees, clients are the core of our existence and the organization is built to serve them. During this period, many of our clients have reached out to check-in and offer help and opportunities. If you are one of them, thank you so much, it means the world to us and helps keep us going.



A Chance To Reset & Restructure
In good times and when everyone’s really busy #welcometoeventslife, there’s not a lot of time to sit back and take a hard look at the way things are done and make change. With the pandemic, it’s given us time to really restructure and work on our weaknesses and polish our strengths. From cutting out unnecessary spend that would have been so minute in normal times to working on our extremely slow loading website, we’ve discovered so many opportunities for learning and improvement.


Lots of Rest & A Chance To Recharge
SLEEP TIME, one more very positive thing that has come out of Covid is that everyone finally gets to sleep alot and repay the sleep debt that we’ve all accumulated. It also gives everyone some time to focus on self-care.

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