Taking Stock Of The Past 6 Months - Celebrating The Little Milestones

If anyone mentioned at the start of 2020 that the world was going to change forever and that there might not be any physical events let alone team building for a long long time, we would have told them to go fly a kite.

But today, the 17 of August 2020, more than 6 months in since the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, more than 20 million cases worldwide, more than 700k in deaths recorded and economies around the world on life support, we are now facing a new normal. The reality is that for many small businesses like ourselves, targets set at the beginning of the year will likely remain a dream. We’ve had to calibrate our expectations massively and adjust targets a lot lower and move fully online.However, one mindset change we made as a team was to stay positive, look for the light in any situation, and that it was not only ok to celebrate small wins but it was a must to do so as we embraced multiple cancellations and postponements.

So… we created our very own little board tracking moments or milestones of our journey in the virtual space with little captions and today, we thought we’ll share our journey with you as well as thank our clients for their support during this trying time.

Maybe just maybe it might lead you and your team to create your team’s very own milestone board. Trust us, it really helps.


21st Feb – “The Last Event” – The final physical team building event with staff from ITE College East before the cancellations started piling in.



23 March ” Embracing The New Normal” – The day we committed to creating our own virtual team bonding programs and started our brainstorming process. Coincidentally, this date also marks the start of a mini side business we had helping clients create and deliver care-packs to their staff.Virtual Team Building



23rd April “Introducing Virtual Team Bonding”  – We launched a special virtual team bonding area on our website!Virtual Team Building



25th April – 5,000 Care-packs delivered and the start of our 15,000 Care- packs in 3 months journey. A special shoutout goes to our super-supportive clients from SMU, Mercatus & Telenor Procurement Company who knew we were struggling and helped keep us going.
Disclaimer: After spending many hours packing care-packs, we are taking a break from it till further notice. Here are some behind the scene photos, trust us, it wasn’t really fun.



30th April Our First Step In The Virtual World” – One for the books courtesy of our friends at Unilever. Thanks for taking a chance on us even though this was our first virtual event.



9th May “Connecting 1,200 Participants Virtually” – 2 months into the Pandemic with no point of reference, we were faced with our biggest test. Converting a traditionally offline event online with over 1,200 participants. Although it involved lots of sleepless nights, we are happy to share that it turned out pretty well :). Once again credit goes to the team at SMU for keeping the faith.



22nd May – “Going International With BreAsia” Our first international event where we had over 100 participants logged on from across Asia. We won’t lie but we partied virtually as a team after.

Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to deliver over 15 virtual team bonding events connecting staff based around the globe together from the P & G Global Haircare Team in 15 different countries to the folks logged in physically from different plants within AstraZeneca to delivering craft kits to Googlers across Southeast Asia for their paint, jam session.



5th June “Two At A Time” Our first 2 a day for departments within Apple & IMDA and coincidentally the day we started exploring tailoring our activities for students.



18th June – “From 2 To 4, Are We Dreaming?” Our first 4 events a day session and the start of the delivery of our very first school-based program for an entire secondary school cohort.



25th of June “4 At A Time” – Our very first 4 Concurrent Sessions. Shoutout to the Singapore Cancer Society, AGD, Apple & Anderson Sec.



17th July – We Crossed The 50 Virtual Event Mark” with our longtime client Telin holding the fort for us.



23rd July “Going Into The United States With Intel” A day we’ll never forget because we also mixed up the time difference and ended up getting up at 4am instead of 5am to deliver our very first bonding session for a completely US-based client. Despite still being half asleep, it was an exhilarating experience for us and helped build up our confidence in delivering our programs to clients based completely overseas.



26th- 28th July “24 Hour Virtual Scholars Challenge!” In May, we were provided an amazing opportunity to work together with a certain Ministry and it’s an amazing & ultra-passionate team to put together a 3-day virtual event including a special 24-hour challenge as a highlight for over 120 incoming scholars. To the team that took a chance on us. THANK YOU, we really had a lot of fun working together.



30th July “A Special Townhall & Awards” Thanks to one of the most esteemed cosmetics companies globally giving us their support, we managed to dabble our feet into other virtual events types. With a couple of national day celebrations under our belt since and a virtual long service award and another virtual promotion ceremony both for groups of 200 pax in the last week of August, we can’t wait to expand our repertoire 


If you’ve managed to read all the way to the bottom. THANK YOU We look forward to updating you with more milestones in Part 2 as we’ll be hitting our 6 events at a go mark on 21st August and our 100th event on 28th August so till we meet again, thank you and please do support us :).

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