PulseActiv Highlights - Here Are Our Top 3 Team Building Activities in 2019

Can’t decide what activity to hold for your upcoming team building event, here are our 3 most popular team building activities in 2019, we sure hope it’ll help you with your decision.

Surprisingly, unlike in 2018 where indoor activities came out on top, outdoor activities dominated our top 3 standings this year. Is this a mindset shift towards a healthier and more active lifestyle? we’ll leave you to decide.


1. Pulse Amazing Race

One of the most popular activities since our introduction 6 years ago finishing 3rd in 2018, the Pulse Amazing Race came up on top this year with over 150 amazing races held in 2019 with an average of 10 each month.

This popular race-based activity will see teams racing against the clock to solve clues in order to uncover mystery locations and hidden gems around Singapore where at each of these locations, a team challenge awaits them.  The game is simple, the fastest team to the finish line wins. Did we mention the extra twists and turns that might potentially throw teams off?

The best part about our Amazing Races, we customise it just to fit your team, demographics and requirements and with over 30 different challenge options to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.  If you are keen to find out more about our race, you can read about it more here.


2. The Running Man Challenge

Finishing in a respectable 2nd with over 60 events, our Running Man Challenge finally made it in after an overhaul of the over 30 games on offer.
This team-based challenge will see teams competing in a series of fun, funny & challenging games against the rest of the teams culminating in a final finale mission that will help decide the winner. Strategy and teamwork is key to victory although forming alliances will also help. Similar to our Amazing Race, we have over 30 games to choose from and we are sure amongst them, there’ll be something to fit your requirements and demographics. If you want more info, you can read about it more here.


3. The Mini Olympics Challenge

Coming in 3rd also for the first time since its launch is our Mini Olympics Challenge that saw consistent performance 3-4 events per month across the entire year. Previously launched to cater to large size groups between 200-1,000 pax as a mass participation sports event popular with large multi-national companies, we’ve seen a huge pickup across many small groups throughout the year.

This 3 part team challenge consisting of a telematch challenge and two sports segments not only encourages an active lifestyle but its unique format allows active participation across all age groups at the same time allowing participants to get to try many single sports and activities within a day.
If you want more info, you can read about it more here.


If you’ve got to the bottom and none of the activities proposed are to your liking, don’t worry we’ve a ton more here!

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