How Now Brown Cow..... Here Are Our Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions On Team Building Events During This Pandemic

Welcome to the new normal. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, so much has changed in the past 6 months since the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm affecting almost all industries in a negative way and the teambuilding & events industry was no different.

Are things going to get back to normal anytime soon? When can we start planning events again? What are some measures your company will be putting in place?

Today, we answer some of the most popular questions we’ve been getting. We hope it comes into handy.


1. What are the Safe-Distancing measures your company has in place for events in Phase 2 & 3?

Disclaimer: At the current moment, as an organization, after pondering the different measures, we’ve made the decision not to take on any physical events regardless of size for the safety of all participants as well as our team until we are 100% sure it is safe to do so. Could we change our stance in Phase 3? Maybe, but only if the government and our team is absolutely sure no-one is at risk. For now, we are sticking to virtual team building events.

However, if you are exploring an event and your group is really small, here are some doodlings from our team discussion of measures to include should we open up for events. We hope this helps you in planning and finding a provider.

  • Contract Tracing –  Strict implementation of usage of SAFE ENTRY (Check-In & Check-Out) for all staff, facilitators as well as participants.
  • Temperature Screening & Health Checks –
    – For staff & our facilitators, tracking & monitoring of temperature daily is mandatory. Should any personnel display an unusual temperature reading (as well as any symptoms) in the last 14 days, they will be excused from the event.
    – For participants, temperature-screening as well as screening for any visible health symptoms will be taken prior to entry.
  • Provision Of Hand Sanitizers & Face Masks – Multiple hand sanitizer station points will be set up at selected event venue and complimentary face masks provided to participants if required.
  • Minimized Physical Interaction – Modification of activities to minimize and limit physical interaction amongst participants whilst providing ample space in between each participant as well as group. Staff & facilitators to ensure all participants practice safe-distancing at all times.


2. Should We Start Planning An Event In Phase 2?

Yes, you can start planning for one in future phases to keep the option open but no,  we don’t think you should be planning for any event in Phase 2.

Here are two reasons why. We do have a few more reasons but this post is already long enough so maybe we’ll release it sometime in the future or you can drop us an email and we’ll be happy to share more.

  • Increasing Community Risk – With more people going out and about with the relaxation of measures post-circuit-breaker, community risk is high. Bringing even a group as small as 5 together increases the risk for all participants and their families. Also, the fact that the government is still encouraging Work From Home says a lot.
  • An Inferior Experience – Yes, some might argue that a smaller group means a more intimate experience however apart from that pro, physical interaction is limited and with so many restrictions in place with masks and safe-distancing, the experience is unlikely to be anywhere close to a typical event. With so many restrictions, a virtual event where everyone can sit comfortably at home and spend more time connecting might be a better alternative.

3. When do you think we can start organizing events normally again?

Hmmm… we wish we had an idea but like you, we are not too sure ourselves. Will events ever go back to normal or will it be a new normal?

However, in the interest of planning ahead, for starters, consider looking at a date 3-5 months down the road hopefully in Phase 3 or more to work towards. For events organized by us, we currently allow conversions of events from physical to virtual with 1-week notice. The best part, we’ll refund you the difference in cost. If you are still exploring, check in with the various providers to see if they can allow this flexibility. This way, it allows you to have a backup plan and more importantly a peace of mind.


4. What are the Pros & Cons or Differences Between A Virtual & Physical Event?

At the end of the day, both options allow for team bonding & team building across teams. However, each option has a different value proposition.

On the physical team building front, it provides a lot more human and physical interaction allowing for stronger bonds to be build across teams, better communication and a much higher engagement level.

For virtual events, it provides a means for teams to stay connected and build bonds virtually especially in a time where everyone is adjusting to work from home and the idea of remote working. At the same time, it’s a lot lower in cost as organizations no longer need to procure a venue for it and l and it saves a ton of traveling time.

Will virtual events replace physical events totally in the future? Highly unlikely because there are many benefits to meeting physically. However, will virtual events vanish once a vaccine is found? NO.

The one positive thing about COVID-19 pandemic is that it has forced many companies including ourselves to turn to technology to grow and move forward. As event organizers, we’ve seen how powerful a tool virtual team building events can be and I believe many clients are also seeing it’s added benefit in these trying times. With that being said, we are quite sure this something teams might explore as an alternative option in all team building events moving forward especially for teams spread out around the world.


5. Why Did Your Team Decide To Set Prices At The Current Levels

Similar to what we shared when we first launched virtual team-building, our stance has not changed. Times are tough and morale is at much lower levels right now so we want to play our part to impact as many companies as we can who at this point are facing severe budget cuts whilst defraying cost to ensure all of our team members can continue to keep their jobs and stay on with us as well as to maintain our consistent quality across events.

Keeping it as affordable as we can also allows us to take on more events providing jobs to our part-time facilitation team as part-time jobs dry up during this period.

Well, that’s it folks for this round of answers. Check back in as we share our thoughts and answers on another batch of questions soon.

Till then, #stayhealthy & #staysafe.


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