COVID-19 Note - To Go Or Not To Go Ahead With Your Event?

Have you seen the photo of the aunty with a trolley full of groceries? COVID-19 has affected Singapore in many ways with people clearing out supermarkets, or masks and sanitisers selling out.

Similarly, COVID-19 has greatly affected events across Singapore and we thought as event professionals & organizers we’ll take some time to share our recommendations and how we plan to fight through it with you.

To Go Or Not To Go Ahead?
If you are thinking of having a team-building event or have already planned an event and can’t decide if you should go ahead, fret not! We are here to help guide you through this process. To aid you, we’ve created a simple table illustrating our recommendations based on the current situation as well as our views should the situation change.

Hold on! Before you get to that, do remember that every event is different and some might carry higher risks than others so exercise prudence because at the end of the day, we want to combat COVID-19 and more importantly, we don’t want to put you and your participants at any risk.

Introducing PulseActiv COVID-19 Postponement & Cancellation Policies
1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year? We wish we had a clue of how long COVID-19 would be sticking around with us for but unfortunately like the rest of Singapore and the world, we’ve absolutely no clue too.

However what we know is that for everyone, life has to goes on albeit with caution and all of us will need to play a part in making it happen.

Hence, we’ve decided to come up with a multi-phase system to allow all our clients to make more informed decisions and manage their planning accordingly. As a team, we will honour this commitment till the Dorscon level goes down all the way to Green.

Managing Postponements
To allow clients to continue to plan their event without the fear of facing high postponement fees and to ensure ample preparation time, postponement fees will be fully waived for Phase 1 & Phase 2 allowing you to plan till the final stages of the event so that once the dust settles, we’ll be ready to go at a second’s notice (Please don’t take it literally J).

This means you can now set & block dates 2 to 3 months ahead to secure your spot no matter what and start your planning leaving your final decision to postpone till 30 days to your event date completely free.
*We will also allow all clients to block up to 3 dates at any one time.

The table breakdown can be found below.
COVID 19 Team Building Event

Did we mention, this applies to everyone?

For Venues, Door Gifts & Prizes, do note a separate policy applies.

Cancellation Charges For Venue Booking
Cancellation charges will vary from venue to venue and the final cost incurred will depend on the organisational policy of the venue selected. However, for a guideline, venues typically charge a cancellation fees of 50% of venue rental for notices given more than 1 month in advance prior to event day, and 100% of venue rental for notices given within 1 month prior to event day. For venues sourced through us, all admin fee charges would be waived.

Cancellation Charges For Door Gifts
A cancellation fee of 10% of the total cost will apply should a mock-up sample be provided prior to the cancellation. However, any cancellation upon production of order will be subjected to full payment of total cost.

Cancellation Charges For Prizes
For prizes, any cancellation upon production or purchase will be subjected to full payment of the total cost. Should a partial purchase be made, charges will be based on the total cost incurred. Should a vendor allow for a refund, we will process the refund accordingly back to you.

Three More Catches
1. A signed quotation and a confirmed commitment is required for us to honour this.
2. All postponed events must be conducted within 2020.
3. All new dates will be subjected to availability at the time of reservation.

What’s In It For Us?
Apart from putting the health of both your team and our team first, this also allows us to spend more time on your event allowing us to maximise your experience.

Managing Cancellations
In case postponement does not work for you, here’s more information on our cancellation policy that we’ll be putting in place. 

COVID 19 Team Building

For cancellations, a full refund and waiver will be offered for confirmed events that have not started Phase 1 of work, allowing clients to lock in a date without being locked down by a commitment. The rest of the phases will also allow you to keep your cost at a minimum while allowing us to cover our costs. We hope you understand that in this respect, we do not want to be taken out by the virus.

In the event of DOSRCON Red, clients who have started Phase 1 will be offered a full refund.

Finally,  in the next 24 hours, we’ll be sharing our precautionary measures we will be taking for all events in the next 4 months till the Dorscon Level lowers to green.

Update: Read more info on the precautionary measures we are taking for our events and additional tips here!.

So till then or till we see you, stay safe and let’s smile through this adversity together!

With Lots Of Love
The PulseActiv Team

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