CB Updates - We've Launched Virtual Team Building!

We are very excited to announce that we have launched our virtual team building series after 3 weeks of testing, 8 trial sessions & 2 official clients!

Before we share the journey,  shoutouts are in order. A huge shoutout to our corporate clients who kindly volunteered to be guinea pigs and shared their generous feedback. Another shoutout goes to our partners of our fitness and wellness activities for offering their services to us at really affordable rates during this difficult time.


What Is Virtual Team Building?
Essentially it’s team-building and bonding involving conducting games and activities through a screen due to the new reality we are all living, AKA the CB era.

Before you start asking questions, don’t worry, this practice is not totally new. Virtual Team Building, in fact, has been around for ages and evolved over the years previously done in companies with employees working remotely to provide them with the chance to stay connected, strengthen bonds, enhance communication and socialize.  Something all of us are finding extremely hard in this CB era and something we might need to get used to in the future.


Why We Launched It
For now and the foreseeable future, physical events will be taking a backseat. Don’t get us wrong, we are not complaining and are completely in support of because we believe if we do not work together now to break it, it will come back hard to break us. The huge drop in events also means we have a ton of time on our hands now.

Having experienced our own work from home blues as well as struggles to communicate virtually and missing our team <3, we thought why not launched a series of activities that is short, fun and sweet instead.

This time, they are no longer half & full-day programs, don’t worry, we understand that no one wants to sit in front of the computer for an entire day straight (and it’s bad for the eyes). Instead we are launching it in bite-sized pieces that we recommend to go up to a max of 2 hours each time. If you really want more, consider doing it as an hour long sessions weekly.


What Are The Options?

For now, we’ve 12 activities split into 3 core categories, team building fun, fitness & wellness, You can read more on this via our virtual team building page here. In time to come once we are done with testing for our next batch, we’ll launch them there.  We picked these 3 categories as we felt that apart from team bonding fun, group workouts and workshops would help make this CB better as well and once we shared with our community partners on this, they readily came on board. (Second shoutout to them here).


Our Pricing Philosophy
To decide on our price point, we decided to throw a dice and let fate decide, JUST KIDDING.

As a team, we decided to stray away from applying our normal pricing mechanics because we wanted to focus on reaching out to as many of our clients as possible and thank everyone for their constant support during good times. We understand budgets are tight now and as team-building experts we know the importance of keeping spirits up and keeping a team connected during tough times so we hope that our selected price point helps make it easier.

Updated (30th April 20): For all activities within the team building category, we are changing it to pay what you can. If it’s only $10, so be it. Reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to engage and entertain your team.

Last but not least, we wanted to share with you our giveaway which will end the first week of May. If you haven’t already signed up, click here and scroll all the way to the bottom to join.

Until we see each other again, stay home and stay safe.

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