CB Updates - 5 Ways To Motivate Your Colleagues During This Pandemic

Covid-19 has greatly dampened moods across the globe with the economy in tatters, livelihoods greatly affected, job losses mounting, thousands of deaths reported around the world and being cooped up at home for weeks.

With so much to worry about and a vaccine yet to be found, the focus on mental health and having a good support system to help each other out is more important now than ever. While the effects of the virus on the collective mental health of Singapore have yet to be studied systematically, there’s no doubt in most minds that repercussions are going to be huge.

Well, enough of negativity and the serious stuff. Let’s shift our focus instead on spreading positivity amongst our colleagues as we all cope with working remotely. Everyone needs some loving whether they say it explicitly or not so here are some simple ways to motivate and support your team or your colleagues.

Send A Little Something Such As A Care-pack Or A Quick Meal
When everyone’s stuck at home, it’s always nice to receive a gift knowing someone is thinking of you. It could be a small little gift such as a Carepack containing snacks, mask or even hand sanitizers (hello practicality). If food is more your cup of tea, consider sending a Bubble Tea if you can somehow get your hands on one or a simple meal from a local restaurant. It’s no secret that restaurants are suffering badly because of the pandemic so kill two birds with one stone and #savefnbsg whilst perking your colleague up.



Encourage Everyone To Stay In Touch & Promote More Face To Face Interaction

Working from home is hard and with social activity completely shut off some people might not have the chance to have much human interaction. Check-in with your colleagues every couple of days. Instead of calling and emailing, promote and encourage everyone to use platforms such as Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams & Skype. It’s always good seeing other humans when physical interaction is limited.


Share Resources & Self-Care Ideas

Share tips & resources with one another.  Found a fun indoor activity, a place to takeaway really good food from or a great self-care routine to help cope during this period, share it with your colleagues during your next virtual meeting or through a simple whatsapp or telegram. Support each other by helping to find the support they need. Not everyone is good at asking.


Adjust Guidelines, Policies & Be Flexible

With MOE closing schools, the lives of many working families are in for a huge shock as they now have to guide their kids through Home-Based Learning whilst entertaining the younger ones that are no longer at childcare.  Be patient, understanding and empathetic to each other especially those with kids, offer to work around their schedule. Trust us, they’ll really appreciate it. It’s really not easy. If you are from HR, leading a team or are a business owner, consider relaxing your work policies during this Pandemic. The last thing an employee needs is their boss or employer being rigid.


Organize A Virtual Chit Chat Meal, Online Game Session Or Even A Virtual Team Building Session

Amidst the entire pandemic apart from checking in, staying connected with each other is equally important, i’m sure noone wants to go back to the office as strangers.

Organize a virtual lunch relieving the old lunch break days or a online game/ activity session. This does not cost anything and can be done yourself so don’t worry about any costs. Check out our blog post sharing some simple virtual team bonding activities you can do with your team. From fitness to team games to even a typing challenge, there are tons of resources online and some of the games cue Spyfall are really quite good.

PS. If you want to go one level up, consider organizing a virtual team building event and of course consider looking at us. We have a ton of fun, interactive virtual activities for your selection across an entire range. From team booster activities such as Team Bingo a great team-based challenge to more experiential activities stimulating the challenges of working in a virtual world through Listen, Speak, Play or our Techno-Geek activities tapping on our special game app (What better way to encourage tech in your firm) or our list of fun handicraft activities for your team, we have something up our list for any team. The best part apart from our low rates? We have introduced our Pay What You Can Initiative where you are free to pay what you want.

If you have any other fun ways to motivate your team that we missed out on, we’ll love to hear from you. Till the next time, #stayhealthy #staysafe.

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