5 Simple, Fun & Free Online Games To Engage Your Team Virtually - Part 2

We hope everyone in Singapore and our friends and clients around the world are staying healthy & keeping safe amidst this long battle with Covid-19 .

The bad news is, we’ve probably got a long long way to go in this fight but the small little bit of good news is, we’ve got more games and activities for you to engage your team for your team building, your group of friends or even families on Zoom. Don’t worry all these games proposed below are free or have free versions that allow for endless hours of fun and engagement.

Remember, building lasting bonds in a team is not a one-day effort or a sprint, it’s a marathon and takes time. It does not always need to be a professionally planned and event and can even be a short time set aside every week or fortnight even in small groups of departments to hang out , have fun through games or even a quick chit-chat.

So read on for some cool games and lots of simple team bonding with your team on a platform like Zoom.



It’s time to take a walk down memory lane and go back to the basics of drawing in this 2020 version of Pictionary.  Don’t worry, even if you failed art in high school or secondary school, you’ll still have a decent chance of winning as long as your guessing skills ain’t too bad and you can draw somewhat decently.

No. of players – 2 to 8 players

Link access –



How good is your team really at with “Fake It Till You Make It?” or rather how much trust has been built in the team over the years?  It’s time to find out. In this ultra-fun detective themed game, everyone will be given an identity and a location to represent them except for the chosen spy and will take turn to ask and answer question. Let’s hope the spy has it in him/her to lie his way out. Don’t worry each round is really short so there’ll be a high chance everyone gets a turn at playing spy.

No. of players – 3 to 12 players

Link access –



Put your guessing, creativity skills and lil bit of risk-taking skills to the test in Codenames where 2 teams will go head to head in an effort to outplay and outlast the opponent’s team with one member of the team representing the team as the captain and the rest of the team playing the role of guessers. The game is simple. Guess all your words to win the challenge and hope your opponent gets the one word that would end the game for them

No. of players – 2 Teams of up to 8 players per team

Link access –



No soccer matches for now? Don’t sweat. We’ve got Haxball has got you covered with this simple back to the basics version of Fifa20. The best part, there are no risks of injuries since no one will actually be taking the field. Work together with the rest of the members within your team to outscore your opponent.

No. of players – 2 Teams of up to 8 players per team

Link access –


Werewolf Zoom Edition

Looking to take your spyfall experience one notch higher involving deception & “killing”? Don’t worry, no one will actually get killed. Werewolf, a ultra fun social game might actually be your answer where werewolves seek to infiltrate the town without getting caught. Strategy and some trust is key.

No. of players – 6 to 20 players

Link access –

*Within the link you’ll be able to find out the different roles for the game as well as the storyline.

We hope the above links are helpful.  Till we meet again, #stayhealthy #staysafe.


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