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mero logo27th November 2015

Mero Running Man Challenge

Coverage By: PulseActiv Media & Public Relations Team

27th November – 6 Missions, 5 Superpowers, 10 Teams & 1 Champion.

Over 80 eager participants from Mero Asia gathered on the sunny beaches of Sentosa to go head to head in their very own version of The Running Man, featuring a series of fun, bizarre and ridiculous challenges. For some, it was an introductory session to network with fellow colleagues from other physical offices while for others, it was time for a reunion from the last challenge attended!

Concluding the quick brief by our friendly facilitators, the teams wasted no time getting into position for the impending missions where they would have the chance to gain one of the 5 super powers up for grabs, that would equip them with an unfair advantage in the final mission. 

Stations to stations, the games played included Minefield Crossing, Fire In The Bucket, Battle Zone, Ball Pipe, Oh Aladdin ultimately ending with our popular Balloon Frenzy,…Let’s see briefly what they entail!

Mindfield Crossing – As though crossing a “mine field” isn’t challenging enough, we blindfold em’ all! Oh wait, we do leave a pair of eyes open to help the team navigate!

Fire In The Bucket – Collecting water bombs may be easy, but what about using your heads? Don’t worry – we’ll provide the necessary equipment…hah!

Oh Aladdin – Together we stand, divided we fall. In this game – participants are to, as a team, transport themselves to the finishing line. No one is to be left behind, not even a bit or it’s a restart for the whole team…!

Balloon Frenzy – All teams were put on the battle field at the same time, and the only way to outlast the balloon mayhem is to destroy your opponents’ balloons.

After a tough fight with teams wrestling to accumulate as much superpowers as they could, 3 teams earned their rights into the final showdown. Interesting enough, within the 3 teams – the heavyweight favourities were ultimately ousted by the “underdog”, who eventually claimed the best spot on the podium.

Concluding the surprising twist of events, the day’s highlight was brought to a fruitful end with an in-depth debrief of the entire activity, where members were given some time to reflect and share what they learnt through the fun & games.

Putting aside bragging rights and trophies in no time, the participants made a beeline for the hearty buffet dinner prepared for them along the beach, as they soak in the warm ambience of the spectacular sunset view.

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