Overseas Team Building Retreats

Overseas Teambuilding

Programme Highlights

  • In need of a one-of-a-kind team building session for your organisation but feel that having it in Singapore would be too mainstream? Then why not bring your team building activity overseas! It’s also the perfect excuse for a short getaway from the pressures of work and the stress from projects and deadlines without the need to apply for leaves. From a relaxing retreat to a day of fun-filled games, join us for a unique and unforgettable team building experience. Check out our various Overseas Team Building location options below. And if you are still unsure which one would be the most suitable for your organisation, feel free to speak to us and we can specially tailor one for your organisation because we know everyone is different!


Programme Specifications

  • Outdoor and Indoor options
  • Pax Size: Up to 500
  • Duration Options: Full Day, Two Days One Night, Three Days Two Nights



PulseActiv Overseas Team Building Location Options:


Team Building In Malaysia


Just an hour away by bus, Johor Bahru is the perfect place for a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of Singapore. Known for its delicious food scene and wide range of Malaysian delicacies, you won’t have to worry about going hungry because there’s always something cooking around the corner. Some bakeries here have even been in operation for many decades, passed down from generation to generation as a well-kept family secret. The best part? It is so affordable that you can go for more than one serving if you like! But there’s always a limit to what you can stomach at once, so while you wait for your food to digest, why not get active together with your team in one of our many team building challenges. From a thrilling amazing race, to a mind-blowing CSI mystery, choose from a wide selection of outdoor and indoor activities and put your teamwork and spirit to the test. Take a short break with your team and come with us to visit our friendly neighbours from across the causeway, where everything can be done for the same price, in a different city!



Just like Singapore, Penang also has quite the reputation for all things mouth-watering. Just an hour away by flight, this quaint town is known as the Pearl of the Orient, and is filled with many heritage sites, quirky wall murals, and not to mention, tons of delicious local delicacies. From colossal cathedrals, to massive mosques, and towering temples, feast your eyes on the stunning and beautiful architectures of these heritage sites situated around Penang. And after burning so many calories from all that walking, refuel and bond with your colleagues over good food and great company in the many restaurants and street food stalls all over the town. If your team is feeling a little more adventurous, we’ll take it up a notch and challenge you to a food hunt adventure around town. Communicate and work together as a team to navigate your way around and complete the challenges attached. If you want to eat it, you’ll have to find it – together!


Malacca (Melaka)

Listed as a UNESCO heritage state, Malacca is situated at the southern region of Malaysia. Having been colonised in the past by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British, their influences can be seen in the architecture in this city. Your visit to Malacca would also not be complete without visiting the famous Jonker Street! From trendy cafes, to traditional street food and famous restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice by the countless cuisines offered. A large community of Straits Chinese within the population has also led to the creation of a unique and flavourful Nonya cuisine. Of course, the easiest and most relaxing way would just be to take your team on a tour bus to sightsee and enjoy what the city has to offer. But if you and your team are up for more fun and excitement, then ditch that boring old tour bus and come try our Hot Shots Hunt – Malacca edition! Race around Malacca’s city centre and complete challenges at the various famous ruins and historical sites in our most technologically-advanced activity to date.


Port Dickson

Located in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, Port Dickson has a rich military history from being the home to many Malaysian army camps in the past. You can take a trip down memory lane to visit the museums built to preserve the history of this town. But that’s not all, the beaches here are also a popular tourist destination for many Singaporeans. Relax and unwind at one of the many quiet and spacious beaches along the coast or take a short trek in the forest reserves nearby to visit some wildlife and catch the sunset. From easy-to-follow trails to slightly more challenging ascends, you don’t have to be an avid and seasoned climber to join in the expedition. And if you and your team are looking for a more unconventional experience, you can take a shot at our Ultimate Survivor challenge! Through thick and thin, wet and dry, bond and stay together as a team as you take on the various obstacles we throw in your way. Only those with the strongest team spirit will survive till the end and make it to dinnertime!

Team Building In Indonesia

Bintan Lagoi

Located in the Riau Archipelago, Bintan island is part of the Riau Islands province in Indonesia. Home to the most stunning beaches and magnificent resorts, this island is surrounded by the sea and offers an escape from the hectic and fast-paced lifestyle in Singapore. It’s close proximity and beautiful landscape makes it a popular tourist destination for many, and the perfect location for your next team bonding session. Whether you are looking for some fun in the sun, or just a place to let your team relax, there is something for everyone to do on this island. But don’t just lounge by the pool all day like any other tourist on any other holiday… turn up the heat one notch and take a shot at our Summer Beach Olympics! Improve your team work and communication as you take on each challenge together, and don’t forget to encourage your teammates when the going gets tough. Then reward yourself and your team at the end of the day for a race well run and unwind over an ice-cold beer by the pool!



Just a short boat ride away from Singapore lies Batam, a small island in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago. It is well known for its beautiful beaches, duty-free shopping malls, and exciting nightlife. You can indulge your team in a variety of water sports activities on offer, including kayaking and jet skiing. And if your team is up for a bigger challenge, why not build a raft and go sailing together at the beach. We’ll provide the materials, and your team will provide the labour. Use your creativity and work together as a team to build a raft that can hold everyone and weather the storms that come your way. But don’t worry if water sports is not your thing because we have many more dry activities that your team can choose to bond over, such as a fun game of golf, a relaxing beauty and spa treatment, or select from our array of customised activities. Don’t forget to end off the day with a beautiful sunset photo at the iconic Barelang bridge!

Still can’t find a location suitable for your organisation? Don’t worry, the list above is non-exhaustive, and we can travel by flight too. Tell our experts about your requirements and we’ll be glad to customise an event specially for your team! From Krabi to Hanoi, reach out to us and we’ll put something together for you.

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