What Does A Typical PulseActiv Team Building Event  Look Like?

What Clients Say!

“Really appreciate PulseActiv’s support and arrangement for our event, I believe all attendees (including our Management teams) enjoyed the event very much. You guys have done a great job. We will definitely look for your support for our company next event arrangement.”  
Jennifer Zhou, Huawei International Pte Ltd


“First of all, thank you to PulseActiv for making my Health & Safety week and our Family Day a success. I really appreciate all the handwork put in by the team. Great job on organizing all the events, the event coordinators did everything with great dedication. Thank you PulseActiv!”   Thanabalan Krishann, Schindler Lifts (Singapore) Pte Ltd


“Special thanks to you and your team for the great partnership on SWAPD! Thank you for the extra time and effort in making the event possible. We really appreciated your support, as well as your team’s earnest dedication. We look forward to possible future partnership with you.”  SWAPD Team 2016, Ministry of Education


“Thank you so much to the PulseActiv team! It was a really nice event and our participants enjoyed much. We look forward to working with you again for next year teambuilding event!”  Doris Swee, VMWare


“It was a pleasure working with the PulseActiv team. Really appreciate the good services that your team has provided us throughout the year with all our orientation team building programs and for always going the extra mile to accommodate to our requests.”  Jovin Ong, APM Asset Management

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We Do Events Of All Sizes – 20-2000 Pax

The PulseActiv Difference

We Customise to Your Needs

Our activities are highly customised based on YOUR organisation’s needs, demographics and requirements.

Proven Track Record

It is our pleasure to have served over 100 happy clients in over 300 highly successful team building events in 2015 alone.

Qualified & Experienced Team

Our team of professionals have over 20 years of experience and expertise in team building & corporate events.

Value For Money

We are a value-driven team and strive to provide the maximal amount of value for each and every client. We don’t just talk about it, we deliver.

We Go The Extra Mile

It is our passion to serve in this industry, and we are always happy and ready to help.

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Why Team Build?

With long work hours, corporate life quickly becomes monotonous and dull. As they say, all work and no play can easily suck the life out of one’s daily motivation and creative imagination.  With each passing day employees start feeling more tired and unenthusiastic about their work leading to lack of team spirit and unexplained wants/grudges. This lack of right spirit in employees is a dreadful situation for any business organization and it must be dealt head on before it gets more complicated.

One way to keep employees’ morale and spirits high is to give them opportunities for fun and playful activities like corporate team building sessions. A planned day out from the office can really be one of these activities which allow employees to know each other better, develop respect for one another, create lasting memories and also take home important points to look back on.

The idea is to ensure presence of fun activities so that employees work life remains lively. In the past few years multinational organizations and corporate (s) have started to recognize immense benefits of conducting employees’ team bonding activities in Singapore/ corporate team building activities in Singapore from time to time for their teams.

At PulseActiv, we strongly believe that employees are organization’s biggest assets. With total of over 20 years of experience in organizing small and large corporate team building events for all demographics, specialized appreciation event activities, executive retreats/incentive programs both in Singapore & overseas with a focus on team building, organization milestones, and even employee orientation programs focused on team spirit, we always have something extraordinary lined up for your corporate team building activities in Singapore. Contact us today!

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