Our Expertise

When it comes to ProcesswithBGteam building, we are the experts. We live and breathe the philosophy that “fun is a must, but the underlying objectives of the activity must be achieved.” Don’t get us wrong, we are more than big on fun but we’ve seen way too many providers focusing only on the superficial aspect of the event and neglect the true essence of a team-building activity.

At PulseActiv, we define event quality in two complementary dimensions. Firstly, the event must be a fun, enjoyable and engaging experience hands-down for the employees. Secondly, the team building objectives must be met. In many cases, employers want to impart and reinforce certain crucial elements of teamwork, communication, leadership, conflict resolution into employees across the organisation within the time frame of the team-building event.

We are able to achieve this through a step-by-step, customised and dedicated approach where we plan each activity based on the unique organisational needs. No two organisation are the same, and small tweaks in the program line-up could go a long way in achieving the end goal.

Company Profile

PulseActiv by SportSanity is the expert and authority in organisational team building and corporate wellness. We have built over 3000 teams over 300 highly successful events in 2016 alone. With a passion to impact, we have built thousands of successful teams of healthy employees and we are committed to build many more in 2016. At PulseActiv, we team build the fun, healthy and effective way. 

SS 21Our team is functionally segmented into two areas of expertise – namely the planning & executional department. Our experts in both areas work hand in hand to deliver PulseActiv’s commitment of building up, inculcating and reinforcing the crucial elements of team building into each and every client that we serve.

We specialise in both indoors and outdoors team-building activities, and have conducted scales ranging from 20 – 1000 pax. Our team building events typically last anywhere from 3 – 10 hours.

Our Event Masters

Meet our team of passionate event masters that will make a difference in your very next event with us! Armed with many years of experience & expertise, our skilled trainers & facilitators are committed to providing all participants with a sensational event experience as well as creating ever-lasting bonds within them!


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